3DS Caterpie by Twarda

3DS Caterpie


29 March 2013 at 13:50:20 MDT

I decided upload this one here too. I really like this painting. Seems like it was made on 18th Jan.

Caterpie painted on Nintendo 3DS using Colors! app. Sketch and basic colors done in a tram, 1/3 of the painting done in grandma’s house, continued in an another tram, finished at home. The battery life of the system is the most restricting thing, actually.

At the end I worked on 3D effect, you can download the mpo file from here: http://colorslive.com/details/753847&download=1

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    Really nice coloring. It does have a nice kind of 3D effect.

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      Uh oh, the 3D effect I have mentioned in the description is the literal 3D depth that can be viewed either with a specific software or with 3DS. The mpo file contain 2 parallel images and if viewed in a right way, you can see the depth.

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        I see. I wasn't thinking so literally. I'm not even sure if I can view such effects with the way that my eyes are.

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        It's called binocular paralax I think. Not true 3d but a trick on the eyes. My eye doctor thinks it's awesome but told me not to spend more than an hour looking at such a screen. Lol whoops!

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          Not to spend more than an hour... whoops, indeed xD

          Yeah, on the screen it is called like that, I belive.

          But you can make your own stereoscopic image if you know how to use the mpo file (aka making cross eyes works too, or using a glasses).

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            Never been able to cross my eyes just right. I have colors3DS app but your skill with those tools is outstanding.

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              I can only do the "reversed cross eye" (I don't know english words), that is when I relax my eyes/unfocus them. So all trully cross eyes images appears reversed in depth to me. (aka I see "reversed cross eye" stereoscopic images with normal depth).

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                I understand your English. That sounds like it would be even more difficult for me. That term you used sounds right to me. I don't know if it has a different name.

                Oh I remembered that the 3DS isn't the only device that can display those images. A co-worker of mine has a smartphone that can do it too. My supervisor can't see the 3D effects at all though because his left eye got damaged from something and can only see blurry in it. It requires two working eyes of the same ability to see the 3D effect. I feel sorry for him. Hope nothing like that happens to me. I guess I would find a way to live with it if I had to though. He can still read because his other eye has nearly perfect vision. Doctors can't cure his bad eye either. He had all kinds of tests done. So now whenever I see great art like yours I can't help but think how lucky I am to have good eyes.

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                  Oh, my uncle has a 3D smartphone as well, and the smartphone has a nice 3D camera build in.

                  Ah, yes, that is true that you can't view such images with damaged eye/sight. My father also has problem with his eye, but he is taking injections and now he is able to see normaly.

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    I love Colors, but you're much better than I am with it.