Pokeddex challenge dump file by Twarda

Pokeddex challenge dump file


17 March 2013 at 09:00:16 MDT

So I put all in one.

I tried different styles, as you can see. Some more sketchy, some more finished.

You can see each + descriptions here: http://twarda.tumblr.com/tagged/pokeddex2012

Lugia and Zekrom were uploaded on Weasyl.

Beware of the tags... I included the pokemon names there :/


~Whole December 2012 as Pokeddex Challenge.


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    All your traditional stuff looks so awesome, I would love if you'd upload more of it from time to time... though I of course also like your digital pictures. :D

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      Thanks. I don't have many traditional works. During the winter time I usually have bad lighting settings and what I do the most is sketching.

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        Haha, that's understandable. C: But if you have traditional pictures, do you tend to upload them on tumblr or everywhere (like Weasyl or dA)? So I know if I should check out your tumblr from time to time. :D And you're welcome.

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        Okay, you can forget my question. I will set a bookmark for your tumblr anyway, there are so many great sketches and pictures you don't seem upload here, it will be totally worth it.

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          Well, I treat my Tumblr as a scrapbook. I put most sketches, unfinished or abandoned paintings/drawings and some Nintendo 3DS painting on the blog. There isn't much worth to look at actually, unless you enjoy sketches and mess.

          From time to time I do compilations of some sketches and I upload them on my other sites. Sometimes different sketches end on different sites, there isn't any pattern, really.

          However, as you could noticed, I upload most of my stuff from all of my accounts here. This includes sketches that weren't shown anywhere else except Tumblr or FA's scraps. This is because I want make Weasyl's gallery more like summary of my art.

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            I actually enjoy sketches and stuff like that a lot, so it's quite interesting for me. C:

            Now that you say it I notice that, haha. Quite a good idea, it's great to see a little bit from everything the artist does on one place.

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              Ah yes, good attitude. I consider sketches as more interesting than many detailed paintings. I like to say: show me your sketch and I'll tell you how good you are.

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                Yeah, you're right... sketches often show, what the artist really got. C: Also it's often kinda fun to see, what the differences between a final picture and a sketch fare.