Zelda Collab - Head of the House of Skulltula by Turquoisephoenix

Zelda Collab - Head of the House of Skulltula


7 August 2016 at 12:46:10 MDT

Or Cursed Man or Cursed Skulltula Man or "Nightmare Fuel" or "that guy you never rescued because there are like 100 spiders you want me to find, geez". Like Gibdo Dad, this poor guy never received an official name.

He's from Ocarina of Time regardless.

I always felt really bad for this poor man because unlike Pamela's Father, most of his art isn't "wow, this guy has it rough" but rather "eww, he's gross, let's draw Link squashing the poor thing".
When, if you think about it, he almost has it worse than Pamela's Dad. While Pamela's Dad needs to be healed to advance the story, he's been a spider for YEARS and his curse also cursed his family. It's easy to save them, because they ask for less than 50 of the spiders, but getting all 100 spiders is such a hard task that he's just left unsaved on so many files.

As for this picture, tried to combine both his "classic" design in the original N64 game and the redesign he got in the 3DS remake, but I think it probably tipped more in favor of the classic design, if only because the classic design had the cool hair fringe.

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