Payback Time! - Art by Catmonkshiro by TundraBirb

Payback Time! - Art by Catmonkshiro


13 September 2020 at 05:29:31 MDT

It's been a weird few weeks for sure since my boyfriend "Kasai Everquill" turned me into a plushie, I'm still animate so I can move freely, but I cannot feel anything other then his touch. My body would twist
and pull like taffy, parts of me could be squished in and I wouldn't feel a thing! If anything...It gave me this tingly feeling the more I was played with, like a delightful laughter that
made me bubbly and just wanting to giggle. Since then I have regained my form and we resumed life as normal. But as they say, the story can't end there surely there has to be a follow up!
we always discussed how delightful it would be if both of us could fly...which had me thinking, if he wanted me to be his cuddle buddy and that's what I had to endure. 2 can play at that game.
I waited for my boyfriend to get home, I could hear the door creek open, quickly but not to fast, as he peaks through the door he wears this charming smiling on his face, a smile so wide
his eyes squint and become partly closed, he laughs as he greets "Honey I'm home!". His confusion as he is met with silence, he walks down the hall shortly before smirking and uttering the
words "Alright honey haha quit playing dead and come give me a hug!". Right as he's inching down the hall, slowly, cautious, and alert. He reaches towards the edge of the hallway right
before entering the living room. That's when I jump out, I yell a big "SURPRISE!" before engaging him into a bat. Shocked with his mind racing, he starts looking over the changes through
my dance of harmony as he is constantly struck with pink magical energy waves. His ears grow long, sharper at the tips, as his nose turns large suiting a big read snoot, his teeth grow
sharper, as his neck gets fluffier. But the biggest change of all that caught him off guard, was the wings. As the grow from webs, to fins, into wings, he knows in his mind he is now
becoming a bat. With a sudden acceptance he starts becoming more comfortable with the changes now that he knows what's going on. He shouts "Babe please! Can't we talk about this?"
Before I say, as I continue moving my body in waving motions like playing a harp "Revenge is a dish served cold huh babe? Now we can both fly together" The changes cease, right before his
transformation is complete. I jump with such excitement as I see my finalized work. I run over, jumping into his newly formed wings as he lets out a gentle Squeak. Before shrugging and
hugging me back. He smirks before uttering a sarcastic "Well, I guess I'm your Wing Man now huh" I giggle. This is going to be a fun few weeks~

The artwork was created by the very amazing and quite talented Catmonkshiro
Please check out his other works he does amazing transformation art and is pretty friendly to work with! Thanks once again for this beautiful piece!.