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Attitude Adjusted by tugscarebear

Attitude Adjusted


Following this incident:

Kyle had not been having a very good day so far. It all started right when he woke up.
“Wake up big bwo! Wake up!” screamed Caiden as he burst into Kyle’s bedroom and bounced on his bed.
“UGH!!.....Get off me you stupid stinky butt!” shouted Kyle as he shoved the diaper clad toddler off of him.
“Kyle! Be nice to your brother!” shouted Cheryl from the other room as she heard Kyle “He’s just being friendly. Besides, it’s time to get up and ready for school anyways.”
“Yes ma’am….” Grumbled Kyle as he got himself out of bed.
Caiden toddled downstairs to go play while Kyle got himself dressed for the day. He took off the top and bottoms of his PJ’s and tossed them into the dirty clothes pile, leaving him in just his Goodnite. He looked down at the wetness indicators on it and they were still there.
‘Yes!’ Kyle thought to himself as he took it off and tossed it in the trash.
Since they were dry he didn’t have to tell his mother and take a shower. Kyle put on his khaki shorts, a blue shirt, and his red ball cap and headed downstairs to eat breakfast.
“Where’s daddy?” asked Kyle as he plopped in his seat at the dining table.
“Your father already left for work honey.” Replied Cheryl as she came downstairs and started to get the boys breakfast ready, “What would you two like for breakfast?”
“Cheerios!” shouted Caiden.
“Toast please.” Answered Kyle.
Cheryl prepared their breakfast while making a list of things that she and Caiden needed to get at the grocery store. Caiden only goes to daycare on Tuesdays on Thursdays. Mike and Cheryl decided that it would be good for Caiden to go a couple times a week, but they didn’t think he was ready to go everyday just yet. Especially since he could be a bit of a handful sometimes.
“Kyle honey, Caiden and I are going grocery shopping later today. Is there anything that you need or want that I can add to the list?” asked Cheryl as she herself sat at the table and ate her breakfast.
“Oh, can you get some more of those peppermint candies and those orange juice boxes for my lunch next week?” asked Kyle as he munched on his toast.
“Sure, anything else?” asked Cheryl as she wrote those things down.
“Oh, um…er…I need more of the, uh, you know…” stammered Kyle as he tried to tell her he needed more Goodnites without actually saying the word or anything related to it.
“Sure sweety. I’ll add that to the list too. Now finish up your breakfast so we can get you off to school.” Smiled Cheryl as she also finished up her breakfast.
Kyle was embarrassed that he still had to wear protection at night time and never even liked to mention the name of the undergarments. He thought that only his parents knew about the Goodnites, but Caiden also knows.
Cheryl finished eating and took her plate to the sink to rinse it off. When she got to the sink, she glanced out the window and saw the dump truck pass by their house.
“Kyle, did you take the garbage out to the curb last night like I asked you to?” asked Cheryl already knowing the answer.
“No…I forgot mommy…” replied Kyle quietly as he just finished his breakfast.
“Kyle Smith, why didn’t you take the trash out after I told you multiple times last night?” asked Cheryl sternly.
“I was just watching a tv show and I forgot. What’s the big deal!? There’s still room in the cans for this week.” Snapped Kyle defensively.
“It’s not the fact that there is room in the cans, it’s the fact that I TOLD you to do it and you blew me off. Now go and put your nose in the naughty corner and don’t come out until it’s time to go young man. I’m not happy that you ignored me.” Lectured Cheryl as she pointed to the corner.
“But mom-!” whined Kyle as he was cut off by his mother.
“No ‘buts’ young man. March! Unless you want to lose your tv privileges later tonight.” Threatened Cheryl.
“Yes ma’am….” Grumbled Kyle as he sulked to the naughty corner and stood there.
Cheryl continued to get everything ready to go while Kyle remained in time out. Cheryl wrestled with Caiden in putting him in something more presentable than just his diaper. Once Caiden was dressed, Cheryl grabbed the diaper bag and Kyle’s lunch.
“OK Kyle, it’s time to go. Grab your backpack and let’s get ready to go.” Said Cheryl as Kyle sulked out of time out and grabbed his backpack, but was stopped by his mother. “Hey. I love you Kyle. You just need to learn to listen better. Now, let’s hope that this I the last little issue that we have today.”
“OK Mom….” Said Kyle as he was embraced by his mother.
Kyle threw his backpack in the car and hooked himself into his booster seat. Cheyrl buckled up Caiden and sat herself in the driver’s seat. Cheryl backed out of the driveway and started heading to the school.
“Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse!” demanded Caiden as he bounced up and down in his carseat.
“Is that how we ask Caiden?” asked Cheryl calmly.
“No mommy….pwease pwease pwease…!” pleaded Caiden.
“Can we please NOT!” chimed in Kyle as the ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ CD was not his favorite CD at all.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” protested Caiden as he glared at his brother.
“Caiden asked first Kyle so we’re going to listen to Mickey.” Decided Cheryl as she slipped the CD in. “Besides, we’re almost to your school.”
“UGghhgh…” grumbled Kyle as Mickey started singing.
“Yayayay!” cheered Caiden as he sang along poorly.
“Are you ready for that big math test Kyle?” asked Cheryl as turned onto the school road.
“Oh, uh yeah. Yep. All ready for that test.” Stammered Kyle.
Kyle was supposed to have been studying for that test but, like forgetting to take out the trash, he forgot to do that too because he was busy playing and watching tv. A few minutes later they arrived at the school. The car was pulled over to the curbside drop-off area and Kyle got his things together and hopped out of the car.
“Bye bye Kyle!” waved Caiden from his carseat.
“See ya Caiden!” replied Kyle as he shut the door.
“Bye sweety! Have a good day at school! I love you!” shouted Cheryl as she rolled down the passenger side window to say goodbye to her son.
“MMoomMM…” blushed Kyle as he ran inside.
The day went on and everything was going pretty well. Cheryl and Caiden were having a splendid time together shopping at the mall in the morning. Cheryl had a couple of birthdays gifts to buy for some relatives and Caiden needed some more pants since he had a bad habit of ruining them when playing outdoors. Caiden had been behaving remarkably well that day. He even made it all the way through the toy section without shedding a tear when Cheryl said that she wasn’t going to buy any toys that day. To reward him, she took him to his favorite place to eat, McDonalds. The two of them had a nice meal together and after they finished they headed to the grocery store.
Meanwhile at Meadowbrook Elementary School, Kyle’s morning was going smoothly as well. His morning classes were easy or even fun. Soon enough it was time for lunch and his class funneled into the cafeteria. Kyle sat with his friends Manny the badger and Gilly the squirrel.
“Hey guys.” Greeted Kyle as he sat down and opened his lunch box “Did you guys see the new Manbat episode last night?”
“Yeah! It was so good. I like it when-“ said Manny before he was cut off by Gilly.
“Hold on. I haven’t seen it yet.” Interrupted Gilly, “I was busy studying for that math test that we’re having after lunch.”
“Yeah, I should have studied last night…” grumbled Kyle as he ate his PB&J
“PSH! Come on guys. This test is going to be easy.” Claimed Manny arrogantly.
“What makes you so sure? You didn’t even study last night!” wondered Gilly
“Yeah!” chimed in Kyle.
“Well since you both are SO interested. It’s going to be easy because I happen to have snatched this!” revealed Manny as he pulled out an answer sheet for the test.
“Whoa! Where did you get that.” Asked Kyle as he grabbed it and looked it over.
“I might have grabbed it off of Mrs. Reagan’s desk before we left for lunch.” Boasted Manny “You two can copy down the answers if you want.”
“Yes! This is going to save me from extra study hall.” Said Kyle as he pulled out some paper and started copying the answers.
“This isn’t a good idea guys. You can get into a lot of trouble for this.” Warned Gilly.
“We won’t get in trouble if you don’t tattle on us.” Chimed Manny
“Yeah!” agreed Kyle.
“I’m no tattle tale! Look if you two want to risk getting caught fine! Just don’t include me.” Said Gilly very matter-of-factly and moved to a different table.
“Scardy cat.” Joked Manny as he and Kyle finished their lunch.
Twenty minutes later, the bell rang and it was time to go back to class. Kyle and Manny sat down at their desks and prepared to take their test. The two friends sit next to each other in Mrs. Reagan’s class. Kyle pulled out a notebook and slid the answers underneath. Manny did the same for himself.
“OK class! Settle down. It’s time for your math test so everyone pull out a pencil and some paper.” Announced Mrs. Reagan who is a tall giraffe.
There was a collective ‘Awe’ from the class but they obeyed and prepared to take the test. Mrs. Reagan passed out the test to everyone and went over the instructions. Once she finished instructing the class, everyone began their test. Kyle and Manny started their test and nonchalantly tried to look at the answer key at the same time. Minutes have gone by and both boys were still working on their test. Meanwhile, Mrs. Reagan was pacing around the room and proctoring the test. She noticed both Kyle and Manny were acting strange so she quietly moved behind the two. Upon further examination, she noticed that both of them were looking at what appeared to be an answer sheet.
“What do we have here!?” exclaimed Mrs. Reagan as she snatched both of the cheat sheets simultaneously from Kyle and Manny “This is my Answer Key. Where did you get this Mr. Manny?”
“I, uh- I…” stammered Manny as he knew he was busted.
“How about you Mr. Kyle?” interrogated Mrs. Reagan “You clearly copied the answers from my key. Where did you two get the answers?”
“Well, um…you see…” backpeddled Kyle
“Neither of you want to talk then hmm?” asked Mrs. Reagan rhetorically as she grabbed both boys by the arm, “Well then, let’s have a little chat with Mr. Hippo and see if we cannot figure this out.”
With that, both boys were lead to the principal’s office. The class murmured and giggled as both boys were lead out of the room.
Cheryl and Caiden had just finished their lunch at McDonalds. Caiden had filled his diaper while they were there so Cheryl took him to the van to change him and then head off to the grocery store. Cheryl laid him down on the changing pad and untapped his dirty diaper when her cell phone rang.
“H-hello?” answered Cheryl as she fumbled with the cell phone and changing his son’s diaper.
“Yes, is this Mrs. Smith?” asked the lady on the phone.
“It is. May I ask who’s calling?” asked Cheryl frustratedly as she wiped the stinky off of Caiden’s butt.
“Yes, I’m sorry. This is Miss Vixen from Meadowbrook Elementary School and I’m calling in regards to your son Kyle.” Started the lady on the on the other end of the line.
“Omigosh! Is he ok?!” asked Cheryl concerned as she slid a new diaper under Caiden.
“Yes yes, he’s quite ok, but we will need you to come in. Kyle has gotten into some trouble earlier today and is currently at the principal’s office waiting for you.” Answered Miss Vixen.
“Trouble? What kind of trouble?” asked Cheryl with a stern tone as she powdered Caiden and taped up his fresh diaper.
“Everything will be explained when you arrive here ma’am. I’m sorry. Will you be able to come by soon?” apologized the secretary.
sigh Yes, I’ll be there within the hour.” Sighed Cheryl as she pulled Caiden’s shorts back up and tossed the dirty diaper away.
“Thank you Mrs. Smith. We’ll see you then.” Said Miss Vixen as she hung up.
“Are we gonna go see Kyle?” asked Caiden giddily as he was strapped into his carseat.
“Yes baby. We’ve got to go pick up your brother.” Replied Cheryl clearly irritated at the situation.
“Yay! Is big bwother in twouble?” asked Caiden as his mother got in the car and started to head to the school.
“Probably.” Sighed Cheryl
“Oh noes…” worried Caiden.
“Oh no indeed.” Agreed Cheryl.
Twenty minutes later they arrived at the school. Cheryl parked the car and walked in with Caiden. They walked into the front office to find Kyle sitting outside the principal’s office. Cheryl glared at her son with a disapproving look and before she could say anything the principal’s office door opened with Manny and his mother and father coming out.
“We’re very sorry about all of this Mr. Hippo. Manny and us are going to have a VERY long conversation with we get home. This will never happen again.” Assured Manny’s father to the principal as he lead his son out of the school by his ear.
“I hope that it doesn’t. Thank you for coming in. Goodbye now.” Replied Mr. Hippo as he turned to Cheryl and Kyle “Ah, hello Mrs. Smith. You are just in time. Could you and Kyle step into my office please?”
“Why yes I, um-“ stammered Cheryl as she set Caiden on the ground.
“Oh, I could watch the little one for you until yall are finished.” Offered the young leopard secretary.
“Oh that would be splendid. Thank you.” Agreed Cheryl as she sent Caiden to the Leopard. “Now Caiden be good. I’ll be right back.”
“OK mommy!” replied Caiden as he toddled off to the nice lady.
Cheryl and Kyle walked into the principal’s office and sat down. Mr. Hippo, who ironically is a rhino, sat down at his desk with Mrs. Reagan next to him.
“Now Mrs. Smith, the reason we have called you in today is because young Kyle here was caught cheating on his math test.” Started Mr. Hippo.
“Kyle Maddox Smith! How could you?” scolded Cheryl as she turned to the quivering cub.
“Yes, he was found with a copy of my answer sheet that Mr. Manny had taken from my desk.” Said Mrs. Reagan as she showed the paper that he had used.
“I’m very embarrassed that this has happened and VERY disappointed in my son.” Blushed Cheryl as she looked at the paper.
“Yes, we are all a little shocked that this has happened. Kyle is typically a very well behaved and good student. He just made a poor decision today.” Said Mr. Hippo, “Unfortunately, rules are rules and he still needs to understand that this type of behavior will not be tolerated here.”
“I agree.” Sighed Cheryl, “So what’s next?”
“Well, Mrs. Reagan is being very merciful and letting both boys re-take their test.” Started Mr. Hippo, “Since this isn’t typical of Kyle or Manny we decided that this was the best route to take.”
“Oh thank you. Thank you. This won’t happen again. I promise. We’ll make sure of that.” Thanked Cheryl
“I’m sure you will, but unfortunately he will have to be sent home for the rest of the day.” Revealed Mr. Hippo, “Manny will be suspended for three days for stealing the answer key, but Kyle will only be suspended for the remainder of the day and we’ll see him on Monday.”
“That’s unfortunate, but I understand. Thank you for your time.” Replied Cheryl as she stood up and grabbed Kyle by his paw, “Is there something you’d like to say before we leave young man?”
“I’m sorry for cheating on my test Mrs. Reagan and Mr. Hippo…” grumbled Kyle.
“We forgive you Kyle.” Said Mr. Hippo “You two are dismissed.”
Cheryl and Kyle left the office and went into the lobby.
“Hi mommy! Hi Kyle!” shouted Caiden as she toddled over to both of them from the Leopard.
“Hi sweety. Were you good for the nice lady?” asked Cheryl as the Leopard came over.
“Yes he was. He’s such a sweety. You all have a nice day.” Said the Leopard.
“OK, let’s go.” Said Cheryl as she picked up Caiden and dragged Kyle out of the school.
Cheryl buckled Caiden in and then they headed home.
“I can’t believe that you would do something like that Kyle! I’m shocked and VERY disappointed in you. You are in big trouble young man. Why did you do something like that?” lectured Cheryl while she was driving.
“I dunno….I didn’t study a lot so I thought that I could just use the answer key just this once…” replied Kyle somberly.
“Why didn’t you study!? I know I told you too. Were you too busy watching silly cartoons? Well trust me, you won’t be watching those for a LONG time. Do you understand me?” Continued Cheryl
“Yes…” mumbled Kyle.
“Yes what?!” asked Cheryl.
“Yes ma’am…” replied Kyle.
Another ten minutes of lecturing went on before they arrived at home. Cheryl got Caiden out of the car and sent him upstairs to go and play. Once Kyle got inside Cheryl stopped him.
“Usually I’d whip your butt for this kind of behavior, but since your teachers said that you are a good student usually I’ll let it slide this time.” Said Cheryl sternly, “BUT you’re still going to be punished. No TV or cartoons for TWO weeks. You’ll be doing extra chores this weekend and you’ll be writing an apology letter to Mrs. Reagan.”
“But I already apologized to her…!” whined Kyle as he was clearly not happy about the punishments.
“I don’t care young man! That apology that you gave earlier was not very sincere so you’re going to write her a genuine one. On top of that, you’re going to bed as soon as your father gets home so go and get into your nighttime pants and pajamas and start on that letter. I want it done before you got to bed You better not procrastinate on that letter or I will bust your butt.” Scolded Cheryl as she pointed to his room.
“Yes ma’am….” Grumbled Kyle as he went to his room.
Kyle went into his room and got his blue pajamas out and laid them on the bed.
‘This sucks!’ thought Kyle to himself as he took off his shorts and went to go grab a Goodnite.
‘Ugh, Mom must have my Goodnites in the car.’ Thought Kyle as he headed downstairs in his shirt and underwear to ask his mother.
“Mom?” asked Kyle timidly when he found her in the kitchen.
“You better be in your pajamas and writing that letter…” warned Cheryl as she was washing some dishes.
“I, um, was but I don’t have any….nighttime pants.” Said Kyle quietly
“Oh, well I didn’t get a chance to go to the grocery store to buy some since I had to come pick you up. I’m sorry Kyle.” Apologized Cheryl as she turned to see her son in his underpants and tshirt “You still need to wear some protection to bed so you’ll have to wear one of your brother’s diapers until I can go to the store tomorrow. They’re a bit small, but they stretch just enough to fit you.”
“Diapers! I’m not a baby mom! I don’t want to wear them!...” whined Kyle at the mention of wearing a diaper.
“I’m sorry Kyle, but I’m not going back to the store today. It’s just for one night and you don’t have to use them. Caiden won’t even know.” Assured Cheryl.
“I won’t wear them! I’m a big boy and don’t need them!” argued Kyle
“Young man, you WILL wear them and you do need them at night. You’re not acting like a very big boy right now. No more discussion. Go upstairs right now and put one on right now. Don’t make me have to do it for you.” Replied Cheryl as her patience were wearing thin.
“Please can you go to the store….” Whined Kyle some more.
“No! Now march! This is your last warning.” Demanded Cheryl.
“Fine!” replied Kyle as he mumbled “Stupid Mutt…”
“EXCUSE ME YOUNG MAN!?” shouted Cheryl as she heard what Kyle had muttered, “Did you just say what I thought you said?”
Kyle nodded his head as he immediately regretted his decision.
“That’s what I thought.” Sighed Cheryl, “Just go to your room. Your father will deal with you when he gets home.”
Kyle ran to his brother’s room and grabbed a diaper. He then quickly made it to his room and changed into the diaper and his pajamas. Kyle started on that letter to his teacher in hopes that will help rectify the situation with his father if he finished the letter before bedtime.
A few hours passed and Kyle had finished the letter and was now studying for the math test he was retaking on Monday. A little later he heard the garage door open and saw his father’s car pull in as he peeked out his bedroom window. Kyle moved to the edge of the stairs and tried to listen to what his mother was telling his father. Kyle couldn’t make out what they were saying, but neither of them were happy at all.
“Kyle Maddox Smith! Get down here now!” shouted Mike upstairs.
Kyle rushed downstairs to the living room to find his mother and father on the couch and Caiden quietly playing in the other room.
“So your mother told me that you have been getting into a lot of trouble today. Do you want to explain yourself?” asked Mike calmly.
“Yes s-sir.” Replied Kyle timidly “I, uh, got caught cheating on my Math test and, uh, forgot to take out the trash last night….I’m sorry paw, I won’t do it again…”
“Is that ALL Kyle?” asked Mike already knowing the answer.
“No sir, I um called mom a bad word….” Replied Kyle softly.
“What did you call her?” asked Mike
“’Stupid Mutt…” blushed Kyle.
“So from what you’ve told me you think it’s ok to blow off your chores, disrespect your teachers, cheat on your tests, and disrespect your parents?” lectured Mike
“N-no sir I don’t-“ Started Kyle before he was interrupted by his father.
“Oh you don’t? Nothing that you have done today has remotely said otherwise. We are both VERY disappointed in your behavior and choices. We would expect something like this from your little brother, but not from a big cub like you.” Scolded Mike
“I’m sorry mommy and daddy….” Quivered Kyle
“You will be sorry when we’re done having our little chat.” Warned Mike, “Now what do you think we should do with you?”
“Um, ground me and send me to bed…” answered Kyle.
“Oh, we’re already doing that. We both thought that would be enough for you to learn your lesson, but then you mouthed off to your mother and called her a bad word. No, I think you need a little more than that the get the idea.” Lectured Mike.
“Please daddy…I’ll be good and never do that stuff again!” pleaded Kyle not to be punished anymore.
“I’m sure you won’t after tonight. First off, since you want to act like a little cub you’re going to be treated like one the rest of the weekend. You will be wearing diapers like your brother and you will not be wearing any pants to hide them. You don’t have to use them, but you WILL wear them. Understand?” said Mike sternly.
“Y-yes sir…” sniffled Kyle.
“Secondly, you, me, and the paddle are going to have a LONG conversation on your behavior today in the bathroom.” Said Mike as he got up, grabbed the paddle that was behind the couch and grabbed Kyle’s wrist.
“NO Daddy!....” pleaded Kyle as he was lead to the bathroom, “I’ll be a good boy! I promise!”
“Is Kyle getting’ a ‘pankin?” asked Caiden as he walked past Kyle and Mike.
“Yes honey, he is. Now let’s get you ready for bed.” Answered Cheryl as she picked him up and brought him upstairs.
Mike dragged Kyle into the bathroom and sat on the toilet.
“Take your pajamas bottoms off Kyle.” Instructed Mike
“Pwease daddy….I dun wanna ‘pankin….” Whined Kyle as he did what he was told.
“I’m sure you don’t now, but you earned this.” Replied Mike as he pulled Kyle over his lap.
“NONONONO!....Give me another chance!...I won’t do it again!...” pleaded Kyle as his diaper was pulled back baring his bottom, “Please don’t paddle me!....”
“Cheating in school. I know you know better than to do that Kyle.” Lectured Mike as he brought the paddle down on Kyle’s bare bottom.
“OWOW! Whhaa….” Cried Kyle as the spanking began.
“Blowing off chores is NOT ok either. When me or your mother tell you to do something, you do it young man.” Continued Mike.
“WWHAhahAA…! Owie! I’m SORRY!!...WWHaaa…” struggled Kyle as his butt was turning red.
“What I’m most disappointed in, is the way you treated your mother! You do NOT talk to her like that. Especially calling her that name! If I ever hear you say that again I will bring you back in here and tan your hide again!” finished Mike.
“WHWHWHWAHahaaHAHAaa……” wailed Kyle as she butt was stinging and turning fire engine red.
The last few swats landed and Mike let him up.
“Now you go into the den and stand in the naughty corner until I tell you that you can come out.” Instructed Mike as Kyle waddled to the corner with his diaper at his ankles and red butt facing out.
Cheryl brought Caiden back downstairs after getting him in his pajamas.
“Wook mommy! Kyle wears diapee jus wike me!...An’ he gots a BIG ‘pankin…” commented Caiden as his mother hushed him.
“That’s enough Caiden. Now go and say goodnight to your father.” Hushed Cheryl as Caiden got down and went to go say goodnight to his father.
Once Caiden said his goodnights, Cheryl brought him back upstairs to put him to bed. Minutes passed and Kyle’s bawling had reduced to sniffling.
“OK, son you can come out now.” Said Mike in a calmer tone.
Kyle pulled his diaper up carefully and went to his father. Mike picked him up and gently sat him in his lap.
“Now do you know why you are being punished?” asked Mike as she rubbed Kyle’s sore bottom.
Kyle shook his head as he wiped away his tears.
“You’re not a bad cub at all. You just made some very poor choices today. The punishments that you are given are a result of that. Your mother and I love you very much and want to you make good decisions. You understand?” asked Mike as he snuggled his son.
“I d-do papa…” sniffled Kyle, “I’m sorry for everything.”
“We forgive you Kyle.” Replied Cheryl who had just come back downstairs “Now you’ve had a rough day young man. Go off to bed and tomorrow will be a better day.”
“Yes mamma.” Obeyed Kyle as he hugged his mother and father and went to bed.

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