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Cold Treats by tugscarebear

Cold Treats


10 August 2016 at 13:58:19 MDT

Summer was ending and the Smith Family decided that it was time to go to the public pool for maybe the last time before it gets too cold. The Smith family piled int he mini-van and headed off to the pool. When they arrived Mike slipped Caiden into a swim diaper and floaties and Cheryl helped Kyle get into his swim suit. The boys played nicely together for what seemed like hours. After a while Mike and Cheryl made the boys get out of the pool to take a break. While the boys were sitting under their umbrella, Caiden noticed an ice cream stand and asked if Kyle and him could get a cone. Since both boys had been well behaved that day Mike grabbed a couple bucks and handed it to Kyle so he could take Caiden and buy some ice cream. The two little ones got in line and waited. Kyle got up there eventually and ordered for both himself and his brother. Kyle got his mint chocolate chip ice cream cone first and headed back. Caiden got his rainbow sorbet shortly after and toddled back to eat it with his family. The boys enjoyed their ice cream and enjoyed the rest of their fun filled day at the pool.


YCH by Cat-Bakery

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