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Brothers by Blood by tugscarebear

Brothers by Blood


This is the first of a two picture series by the very talented toddlergirl.

Despite the their age difference (Caiden 3.5 and Kyle 6.5) and their knack for getting in trouble in their own special way, Caiden and Kyle got along as well, or better, than most brothers would. When Kyle wasn't trying to be the overbearing big brother and Caiden the obnoxious little brother, both brothers could get along with each other and even go as far as play with each other. Their favorite game to play was 'Army Man' in which Caiden and Kyle would go and fight the imaginary forces of evil and almost every time, against all odds, come out as the victors.

When they played, Kyle would grab Caiden's baby monitor and hand one to his brother so they could contact each other on the other side of the house. Caiden, meanwhile; would grab the pop-gun and a cap-gun as their weapons of choice. Caiden also draped a 'My Little Tool Set Toolbelt' over his shoulder, while Kyle grabbed his trusty sling-shot just in case. Finnaly, Kyle grabbed his bicycle helmate, while Caiden grabbed his construction hat with the word 'Army' written in crayon on the front of it for their head protection. Once they grabbed all of their equipment, both boys were ready for combat against the forces of evil and tyranny.

They would play this for hours as each one helped the other out through all their adventures and battles. One day, both boys were playing 'Army' outside in the front yard and were getting along splendidly. So well, that Cheryl (the boys mother) came outside with her camera to capture the moment. Both boys posed as their mother snapped the picture of her little warriors playing together.

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