Shiny Sandshrew by TubularLyds

Shiny Sandshrew


13 August 2015 at 20:45:41 MDT

Sandshrew is my favorite Pokemon and green is my favorite color, so lucky me that shiny Sandshrew is green. Now if only I can hatch one on my game.

Used this doodle to test out a new brush.


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    Do you know the tips for hatching shiny eggs faster? If not i'd be more then happy to help. :3

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      Yup yup, I'm doing Matsuda Method with a German Sandslash and my American one. Also have a Talonflame in my party with that one ability that warms the eggs. Thank you for the offer though!

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        Flame body is love!

        Also you are very welcome, happy hunting! :D Let me know when it happens.