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coyote / 27 / agender / california

we live in a society
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hi i'm coyote! im a dragon who can use the internet. i love 2 draw dragons. dragons

babby gnu/linux enthusiast 🐧 i use krita and a huion tablet to draw



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not feelin great

on 26 February 2019 at 20:48:02 MST

i got my wisdom teeth out over the weekend, and my chronic illnesses are having a flare up as well so i havent been having a great time T_T

i want to draw but i feel like crud and i haven't been able to eat a lot from the swelling in my jaw. thankfully thats going down.

ive been wanting to post a bit more kink related artwork here but ive never really shared it anywhere so its a bit nerve wracking! im a bit "vanilla" so i have no idea why im so anxious about it XD

anyway....just life updatez. dragon is sick and sad

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sketch with flat color
$ 15.00

i will not draw straight up NSFW, however nudity is ok


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    Thank you so much for following me! <3 <3 <3

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      no problem! i love dragons and you make some amazing art <3

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        Well thank you again! I hope I can make some cool art pieces that you will love then! <3

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    Thank you for the watch!
    A bit of a generic compliment, but just to display your kindness didn't go unnoticed!

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      no problem! your work is great! :D

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    Cute dragons!

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      thank you! ^_^

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    Thanks for the follow! c: