The Original Struggle by TsaoShin

The Original Struggle


20 November 2015 at 12:48:35 MST

I will never win T^T

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    Oh dear.... yep... one way or another, it's like fate hates artists. XD

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    Aww, noo~

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    just do the bob ross thing.. make it a happy mistake! XD

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      haha yeah I end up with a lot of additional unplanned embellishments :)

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    So true

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    I don't usually use ink in my traditional art, but I understand when using markers for colouring. It's frustrating!

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    Hehe "Sounds of Silence" reference.

    It is soo true though! Another thing I hate is that my scanner sucks the color and life out of anything hand drawn when I try to upload it to an art site. Years ago, I would use pencil for sketches and ballpoint pens for ink, then scan it into Photoshop as one layer i'd put brushes on Multiply and try to color it all without lifting my tablet pen, otherwise it would be ruined. They were all so complex and took an entire day to complete 1 colored picture but it was worth it for the digital colors and ability to cut and paste things. I'm still not very good at digital linework, but I try my best to get better.

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      Oh wow sounds like a pain ><