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scenario 1 : 7 ANIMATION by Trunchbull

scenario 1 : 7 ANIMATION


6 April 2015 at 08:40:39 MDT

dream world is freaky world

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    Your animation is just impossibly smooth. And the amount of story you're managing to communicate in such short snippets is really impressive.

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    I love how he has his foot in the air on the first part, & the look on his face says he could be happy just talking forever. So sweet

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      never having a friend like that, can make you appreciate all the time you spend with them :)

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    I like where this is going. I hope they get a nice relationship going. And she better not cheat on him either! And vice versa. Or ill fuck em both up for being idiots!


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    i feel like i'm blending into FLCL ♥♥

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    Impressive piece, as always TB, your animations seem to get faster and faster. They getting easier for you?

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      i've already figured out how to animate so it's not like it'd get any easier? The time I'm able to to make them depends on how much time i spend on my regular commissions and personal work.

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        Ohhh, okies. Makes sense that. Makes it all the more impressive since you're balancing between work and play!

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    woahh. this is almost studio quality!

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    I love the touches here, stuff like his foot in the air, the movements of the characters, the background and the motion... I've said it before, and I'll say it again; your animations are super good and I love seeing them!