scenario 1 : 5 by Trunchbull

scenario 1 : 5


19 March 2015 at 06:13:21 MDT

stereotypical character in furry stories don't know when to get lost

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    Ha! This is priceless x3

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    x3 followed by surprise buttsex

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    Hey awkward moments, can lead to some good friendships

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    ....I just realized. What is her mask attached to? o3o usually surgical masked are looped around the ears to keep them on lol

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      Actually, animals wouldn't struggle with keeping on masks the longer their muzzles are. and any images i've seen of animals wearing masks do not involve the strings wrapped above their ears. Even if the strings ended up slipping down, because of how long her snout is, it will not come off.

      so it would not really have chance to fall of unlike humans, who have short faces x)

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        Hmmm, I suppose that is logical. Though it would still fall off easier with movement, or if she opened her mouth :o It's totally cool though, I was just curious x3

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          No, it wouldn't as again, snout too long to fall off like that. If she tilt her head up the strings would eventually run to the base of where the back of the head connects to the neck, but then the strings are stuck there, and because she has a long snout it wouldn't fall down. /:
          and it wouldn't fall if she opened her mouth because again stated above.

          this is example: There's a muzzle under it but generally, the same shape would apply to a regular snout. [the muzzle was applied because they're living in an area with high PSI [singapore] and prevents the dog from panting and taking in more dust. Which means the surgical masks could be worn easily without the muzzle].

          Also, dog muzzles in general. You can see the muzzle in the photo, which does not connect behind the ears, but still holds up fine. :) There's no reason to assume the same could not be true about the surgical masks here.