scenario 1 : 13 ANIMATION by Trunchbull

scenario 1 : 13 ANIMATION


9 June 2015 at 08:42:12 MDT

apparently this computer is dying because it can't even render a puny 3mb gif anymore. XXD

otter whiskers are sharp and pointy <__>

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    Wow, I love to see this from start to finish. :D

    On a side note, Your Captions are a little too quick, it makes it hard to read some of the longer sentences in time.

    But Love the work so far. :D

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      They only show on as fast as a speaker can speak. /:

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    As usual, I love everything about this. I particularly like how frozen he is after the kiss for several seconds.

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    Someone had to make the first move eventually...

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    I've been watching these for a bit and think they're awesome! This one though, it seems like the motion from sitting upright and both of them being on their side is a bit too "fast" it took me a second to figure out if I missed a couple of frames due to computer lag, or if it was a rendering thing -- but it seems it was just animated to happen too quickly, and doesn't seem as fluid as the other motion taking place, hope this is seen as helpful!

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    omg what

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    ...Well. Man, I wish I knew more about this story! all these little snippets are intriguing as hell!

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    These two are positively adorable together <3

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    Frick Frack....huh, using that one next time.