Reignited Terrador by Trix Master

Reignited Terrador

Trix Master

14 January 2019 at 16:05:11 MST

Beast makers make beasts and Terrador is not an exception. Honestly with Terrador it was either Peace Keeper or Beast Maker in my opinion given his personality and looks (Which is pretty much how I play the "what species of dragon" are you game). Honestly if it weren't for the nature aspect, he'd be a Peace Keeper. Though! Beast Makers are pretty brutish too, they will definitely defend their land to take it back from the gnorcs as much as Peace Keepers.

With this design, it just came well... Naturally. Just add some Beast Maker apparel. Gave him a snail shell mace. Maybe not the most practical weapon, but it is green in the eco friendly department.

Drawing Terrador was oddly a joy to do. He wasn't as pattern complex as Volteer or Malefor, but he has enough detail to make him stand out like Chronicler. Also fun fact I noticed that in the Krome/ANB/TEN design of Terrador, he is the only guardian with his wing fingers matching his body color.

Also DotD design of Terrador is runner up on worse anatomy on a dragon. Look at that crest and tell me he can actually lower his neck to drink water.

Terrador (C) Activision

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