Astrological Thingy by TristanAlexander

Astrological Thingy


3 January 2018 at 20:33:18 MST

Well, I guess my first art this year is unique and different. I have had this very cool ceramic/stoneware table clock from Good Will for some time and knew I didn't want it to remain a clock. I suddenly got the idea to make it an Astrological thing to put in my doll house (when/if I ever get it built). I looked at 19th century Astronomical charts and made this to be something like one. I then decided that having moving parts was cool (as it was on a clock face originally and had the ability built in). So I put a jewel on the second hand and the minute hand and walla! I did mess up the plastic domed cover so I have ordered a new glass one that I hope will fit and just make this look even more spiffy! It needs some small paint touch ups on the stonework and I may add something on top and maybe put a light behind the lovely open work in the bottom. The circle all my work is in on this is only 3 inches across, Prisma color, metallic paints, Acrylic jewels on black paper.

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    I would go nuts trying to read its mystic meaning. It looks like something out of a puzzle game. Myst, perhaps?

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      Yeah it does look like something out of Myst! I like this a lot too!