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31 March 2017 at 14:47:25 MDT

Hey guys! I finally updated my twitch with some brand new graphics!
You can see them in effect here:
All the screenshots are ones I took myself from my actual games, featuring Overwatch, Skyrim, WoW, 7 Days to Die and The Sims!
The water effect was especially difficult. I did it once before, years ago, with a very old, outdated tutorial. Luckily, I knew enough about PS that I was able to make do with what the tutorial didn't specify. From there it was a matter of layering and tweaking until I got it to look right.

You can find and try the tutorial for yourself here:
If you do try it, remember that when it talks about channel 1 and channel 2, channel one is now called "Red" in CS6, and channel 2 is now called "Green". Channel 3 is "Blue", and you don't touch it.

Yes, I am open for these types of commissions!

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