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Cinnaboob Pie by Tripper-Dude

Cinnaboob Pie


23 October 2015 at 20:49:36 MDT

I guess Sans would love that pun and no, I haven't played the game nor I will play it. I'm not interested.

I've been feeling alright lately, enough to get art-blocked but trying to draw Toriel was enough.
You all know I regret nothing about my drawings.

Hope you like.

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    Having watched a play through I have no plans on playing it either. I am curious why you don't want to though. o3o

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      Holy shit 9-puzzle commenting on my stuff!

      But well, games aren't relevant on my life. I'd rather spend the afternoon playing drums. (I have nothing against gamers unless they're assholes)

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    No idea that was something special. =P

    Hey, you're either a game player or not, nothing wrong with that. I for one don't care for Undertale's gameplay which is why I simply watched it on Youtube. A sin to some players of the game. >_>

    That aside, I love this pic, she looks really good here. I have been trying to draw her, I just can't figure out a good pose. =/

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      (It's coz I knew your stuff before getting suspended from FA and all dat)

      Also thanks. I had the same problem but instead trying to figure out an anthro design. It was quite hard.

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    (Ahh, well I am glad you like my stuff and my name is well known to you. =3)

    I just try to do something when it comes to poses. I am too guilty of doing samey poses too often. ^^;

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      I know how that feels but let's see what you can come up with. I'll be waiting for more stuff ftom you.

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    In due time. =3 I was happy with how the Alphys picture, the one you faved recently, turned out. So hopefully I can come up with something for Toriel as well.

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    I'd like a slice toriel!