Historical Wing It Sketch - Teafico by Triple-Shot

Historical Wing It Sketch - Teafico


14 February 2015 at 15:48:31 MST

Time/Era: 1930s Manchuria
For: thatjackal / (FA) Teafico of his Jackal character Teaf :)

Ho boy was this one an interesting commission, but I had fun with it! Not only did I get to watch a movie for research (The Good, The Bad and the Weird - which, by the way, is actually a really good movie), but I then proceeded to have almost zero luck looking up clothing references afterwards. All I got was how female clothing had morphed through those transformation years, but almost nothing on men! So, here you have my best guess which is a mix of various things (which from what I learned, there wasn't much of a unified clothing look in China at the time due to political upheaval... so... *shrug*)

Also, it was really hard to make this distinctly Manchurian because at that point the only way you could really tell that it was westernised Chinese/Asian clothing was because the person wearing it was Chinese :I Doesn't really translate well when you're drawing an anthropomorphic creature in place of a person haha. Ended up being inspired by an old photo I saw of a Japanese soldier in his winter uniform and various elements from aforementioned movie.

Edit: Apparently due to a series of lucky guesses/artistic intuition I ended up dressing him in a "mix of a Beiyang artillery officer's uniform, an IJN winter pilot outfit, and desert mercenary [gear]", according to Teafico who knows quite a bit about the time frame! (I guess I passed an inadvertent test haha)

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    I had to recover my old Weasyl account to let you know if person how much I think you freaking rocked this! This was EXACTLY what I was imagining, you have no idea! I absolutely love it! I realized later I could have thrown you a few military-clothing references of the area from my side (physically, could have taken pictures or something) at you, so I apologize about that, but you still persevered and oh my god this is absolutely freaking incredible! Thank you thank you thank you!

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      Can I favourite this comment? I want to favourite this comment. It's a shame that I can favourite journals but I can't (yet?) favourite comments.

      Regardless, you are most welcome and I'm quite tickled that I got such an enthusiastic thank-you!

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        Also, since I said it nowhere else, these are literally the best jackal ears anyone has ever drawn on Teaf. Ever. You nailed that and I was so excited about the clothing I never even let you know hahahaha.

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          Well I at least have to try to draw the species that's requested haha. Wouldn't have done any good if I drew them as wolf ears or some such! It's far too easy for canines to just... amalgamate into this generic wolf/dog thing. I'm once again pleased you are happy with my efforts though :D