Historical Wing It Sketch - Huskypaws by Triple-Shot

Historical Wing It Sketch - Huskypaws


8 January 2015 at 20:26:30 MST

Time/Era: Viking/Norse
For: Huskypaws

I couldn't pass up the chance to draw me some Viking, so here we have Huskypaws as one of those infamous Nordic warriors!
(Also, yes, I know the character doesn't normally have hair/a beard, but you can't be a damned handsome Viking without them! ... well you could, but damnit if it doesn't look good haha.)

I actually learned quite a bit about Vikings while doing research for this piece:

  • Iron in the Scandinavian area was very poor and the iron that the Franks produced into weapons had a much higher carbon content (thus more durable). This resulted in a lot of trade (a lot of Viking weaponry and armour was foreign) between the Franks and the Viking tribes, until the Franks began to get nervous. Eventually the Frankish leaders made it so that to trade Frankish weapons with non-Frankish folk was punishable (by death even!), and thus it's argued that this was the reason for the Vikings to start the raiding they were so infamously known for.

  • Because iron was scarce, the most common weapon was not so much the axe as modern fiction would lead you to believe, but actually spears and javelins as they required the least amount of metal to make. (This particular spearhead is approximately 10th Century).

  • Metal helmets were also extremely rare and usually only reserved for the wealthy. Mail was also uncommon as good chain mail was both expensive and uncomfortable. Most Vikings preferring leather or no armour at all due to the freedom of movement. However, seen as Vikings were often depicted wearing helmets, it's possible that they were either passed down through the generations until so worn down they were turned into a spear (or other weapon/tool) and/or made primarily out of leather and other such materials. The famous horned helmets are also a fabrication of modern western romanticism.

  • Vikings were ALWAYS armed. Men, women, and even slaves always carried a knife on them.

  • Vikings were also clean freaks, with many cleaning apparatuses showing up in excavations (tweezers, razors, combs, etc...) and bathed once a week (far more often than many others at the time!)

Also, brb: totally making a bad-ass character with a braided beard and long hair.

Want one? I am open for these here!

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    Awesome character design!

    During your research did you get the chance to read up on the Ulfberht swords? I won't spoil the details, but the story behind these remarkable blades is like something from Dan Brown.

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      I didn't! But I'll certainly look into them!

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    It is stated in historical sources that the iron-weapons made by the Vikings themselves were less durable, that is true. Written texts even speak of men simply bending swords by hand, so they could fit into the graves of dead warriors. Later on, the Vikings sailed through Rivers and made contact with the Byzantine Empire. They founded many Settlements along the Rivers of Russia and the Ukraine. Starting often not as more then simple outposts for raids or trade with the native slavs of the region.

    As for the helmets, those were often made of Bronze or Copper.

    And yes, the Viking Tribespeope, like many pagan ppl of the era, had more hygienic behaviour then their Christian neighbors. Since they had no Clergic that told,them washing yourself was a sign of vanity.

    Tho this was not allways only common among the germanic tribes in scandinavia. The germanic tribespeople on the european mainland were equally sanitary. Grave finds from chattii, saxon, suebi and teutonic Origin of the 2nd and 1st Century BC showed that the same amount of cleaning apparatuses was found with every single body that was put to rest in these graves. Usually placed in a small bag made of woven linen fabric,

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    Well I feel better educated having read your research notes. thumbs up