Historical Wing It Sketch - BarryTorch (Gift) by Triple-Shot

Historical Wing It Sketch - BarryTorch (Gift)


27 June 2015 at 23:33:35 MDT

Time/Era: 1600s/1700s
Location: Venice
For torch142010

I had a LOT of fun with this sketch, and even more happy as it was the last Historical Wing-It Sketch on my to do list! (Once I finish up my work queue a bit more, I'll be reopening for these! Keep an eye out for my journal! I also think I'll be offering a Historical Headshot option, so something that is very similar to this :) )

This is a new character of his, whom Torch wanted in some kind of masquerade/Casanova outfit. After some (blessedly easy) research, I dressed his character in what was actually very commonly worn by men at the time (with some variation in the mask). In this case he is wearing the Tabarro cloak, with a silk hood. Topped with a tricorn hat, and wearing a Volto (Latin: Larva) mask instead of the more common Bauta.

While primarily the outfit was to keep the wearer anonymous, I took some artistic liberty with the image because a) a lion shaped mask is awesome and b) I really couldn't bring myself to hide all that glorious mane. Covering up half of it was hard enough already!

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