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Historical Wing It Sketch - CimmaronSpirit11 by Triple-Shot

Historical Wing It Sketch - CimmaronSpirit11


Time/Era: WWII German Kriegsmarine
Location: Oscarsborg Fortress (Nazi Occupied Norway)
For CimmaronSpirit11

While looking through Kriegsmarine uniforms, I came across an image of a Kriegsmarine Coastal Artilleryman, and decided to use this uniform as the unit and headset itself was rather unique! In this case, Cimmaron is in the uniform of an Oberbootsmannsmaat -- or simply Obermaat (Petty Officer Second Class - Coxswain) as signified by his double label stripes and the anchor with the chevron underneath. The insignia beneath the anchor (The 'K') indicates that he is a Weapons Control Foreman, Coastal Artillery Specialty Trade. The Kriegsmarine had many different insignia (especially the anchor, as the specialty career trades the men were assigned to when enlisting were usually superimposed ontop of it) so it was interesting trying to figure out which one was the right one.

As for location, Cimmaron is standing in front of one of three naval 28cm SK C/28 that were actually part of the coastal defence of the Oscarsborg Fortress... the modern day monument can be seen here.

All in all I had a lot of fun with this, especially trying to figure out how that headset and microphone would fit on a horse head, but adding a halter/bridle made that easy! (Cimmaron is also shown with a shorter haircut as, well I can't imagine long flowing manes are very good around heavy artillery!)

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