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Catch This by TripleSevens

Catch This


Drew this baseball themed rabbit. No specific character, but I really liked how it came out.

Any suggestions of critique would be appreciated.

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    Since you seem to be looking for critique, I hope you don't mind me offering.

    First of all, I appreciate that your colors changed based on the lighting and environment. There is indication of movement, and you've got a good sense for anatomy in this piece.

    What I feel could be evaluated is your line of motion. Right now the character feels a little stiff, and I feel there could be a lot more impact with their ability. Since they're moving back (I assume) I noticed the hair isn't moving with them and it makes the movement feel false.

    I think to add more movement you could still push the perspective more, have jave the hair and clothing react more. For the ability perhaps you could stress the aura around the orb to streak a bit more, or even a little more chaotic if only to stress motion.

    I think you could pull more of the surrounding blues into the red and tan of his clothes to make him fit more into the environment too, by diffusing the colors.

    Overall though, I think that it's a nice piece, and could be improved upon just by thinking 'how is this motion effecting his hair, clothes?' And 'how is the environment affecting the color?'

    Good luck!

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      Thank you for the critique, it was very much needed! I actually never stopped to think about the way this character's hair works, the line of motion or the environmental lighting, I was way too focused on the anatomy to stop and consider the other important factors, so I'm glad you told me about that, I'll definitely watch out for these things in the future.