Flower Child by Trickitt (critique requested)

Flower Child (critique requested)


20 November 2012 at 04:36:01 MST

Edit 11/21: Color and saturation fixes.

This was originally a doodle that I was going to use as a cameo request for PMD-Explorers but then it turned into a full blown painting somehow, oops. Love my Audino girl too much. <33

99% of this is painted over the sketch and base colors. WIP is on tumblr for a reference. I'm pretty happy with it!

Helpful criticism welcome.

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    This is a really beautiful piece, loove the painterly effect. I like how the flowers/roses are aligned symmetrically which then helps guide my eyes towards the middle, then down to the grass (repetition of eye colour and grass).

    I enjoy these kinds of realistic, but also with a quality of abstractness works. If I had to criticize anything, it would be hierarchy--I'm not sure if you want people's focus on the roses or Audino? Though that doesn't really matter actually, but just something minor.

    Great work! ^^

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      Thanks so much! ; v;

      I definitely see what you mean about the hierarchy! If the roses were smaller or on the bottom instead it would bring more attention to Pirin, which is suppose to be the main focus. The size of the roses does make it all look a little unbalanced too. I'll have to practice with that for these kind of illustrations and thumbnail more before committing something. Cause I've been interested in doing them. <3 I love little enclosed environments~

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    Awww...Wrenny this is too cute. :3 The roses were well drawn.

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      Aw, thanks! <3