Personal Experience by Trevor-Fox

Personal Experience


6 September 2014 at 01:57:42 MDT

So, I really felt like doing a personal piece for myself tonight. This drawing has a few meanings to it.

  1. I enjoy drawing art, but very rarely do I find myself trying to do a trend. I see many people doing adoptables and YCH pieces, and I have absolutely nothing against those. But I don't draw them for a few reasons. One is a confidence issue (and I'm not sure how many people would be interested that actually do watch me), and another is that I just really don't want to draw those. I never truly stick to one type of drawing. I'm always experimenting and trying new things to attempt to improve, and I really enjoy that journey of being an artist. I can get bogged down in my own comfort zone. It's really easy. But this drawing is to show that no matter what, I always end up drawing what I want to (in general), for better or worse. But I always worry that my art isn't good enough.

  2. This is kinda how I see my art in comparison to other artists. Oh, man is there some talent out there. I see some amazing works by other artists that just continually blow me away, and I look back at mine and only see how far I have to go.

  3. I enjoy making people smile, and I enjoy being silly. Sure I'm an adult now, but that doesn't stop me from being a kid. I love being a kid. Happy and fun and smiling.'s just really peaceful. And the simple drawing that Naku is holding demonstrates that inner child that I enjoy and can let out easily through my art.

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