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Upside Down Mooglification by Trevor-Fox

Upside Down Mooglification


ISC for Circuitkun featuring Erakir Erakir!

Circuitkun was relaxing in her room when she noticed something funny in the middle of the screen.  The screen itself shimmered and seemed to ripple, as if its surface was water. She reached out to poke it when a hand suddenly rushed through the screen. Startled, Circuitkun fell backwards as the hand wrapped around her ankle and began to drag her towards the glowing surface of her once-solid monitor.

She desparately clawed and grabbed at anything that she could, trying to keep herself from being dragged through her computer to...who knows where! Most of her body through, and if she hadn't been so panicked and focused on gripping the desk her screen was perched upon, she may have noticed that her lower half felt different. More alive.

On the other side of the rift, a blue-haired moogle named Erakir had finished casting his spell. With this new magic, he'd be able to pull moogles from other lands to join him in his adventures! A head and pom emerged. A new moogle! His face full of delight as he was pulled through Erakir's magic mirror. This was just the beginning! Maybe he could even make a guild to rival the influence of Montblanc's!

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