Paw Cloning YCH by Trevor-Fox

Paw Cloning YCH


9 January 2019 at 07:59:18 MST

Important to read description!

Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to see your paws slowly change into your mate's? Well now you can! It seems like all that quality time you've been spending together has really started to rub off on you. Quite literally. Now you've just become an exact copy of your sweetheart. Neither of you seem to mind, though ~

This is a flat rate YCH piece! $30 nabs you both pairs of paws! I'll be selling 10 slots in total for this YCH. If you'd like one, please visit my FA page and comment on the picture there. You can find my page here:

Only comments on my FA page will count.

I must also stress that this is going in with my bulk commissions. So the wait time on these commissions will be around 3 months. I apologize for that wait time, but I do have quite a lot on my plate and have taken on a lot of commissions. If you'd like to know more about the situation, please go here:


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