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Halloween Costume Bombchu by Trevor-Fox

Halloween Costume Bombchu


Part of my Halloween event! Metrohunter from FA grabbed this slot!

Tuli's bag of candy had been snatched by a rogue bat! He chased the bandit into the woods, but he could not keep up with it. He had gotten SO much candy this year, too! His head lowered and his fists clenched in anger. The Bombchu costume head fell back over his face as he clenched his eyes shut. A spark seemed to light inside of him, and he smelled smoke in the air. He was going to make that bat pay and he was going to get his candy back! He opened his eyes wide and began to smile a crazy, maniacal grin. He looked through the tree tops and saw the bat! He began to run towards it on all fours as the bat glanced down and saw a manic rat beginning to climb the tree he had nested in. And what's worse, there was a hissing bomb on the end of this rat's tail...

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