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Distasteful Merging (NOT MY ART) by Trevor-Fox

Distasteful Merging (NOT MY ART)


Comission that I bought from Nearu-Senpai on FA, and I'm so freaking happy with how it came out! He did an absolutely wonderful job, and I'd highly recommend checking out his art if you haven't already!

Original here: (COMING SOON)

Me and Nearu seem to have been set upon by a shoe creature that is determined to merge us with it's body and consciousness. Getting away doesn't seem to be an option as our bodies connect and merge with it's own, making pulling away impossible. The scent becomes overwhelming and all we're surrounded by as we become part of his stinky, musky body. Nearu's body grow's limp and his head becomes firm and hard as it becomes the aglet on the end of a shoe-lace. My own body softens and becomes fuzzy, stinky, and slightly wet as I change into the sock tongue of this creature. Before long, all I can feel is my body sliding over the textured shoe mouth, and the scent becomes overwhelming as my senses change to nothing but touch, taste, and smell.

It's not long before mine and Nearu's consciousnesses swirl together, mixing and becoming consumed by the creature we're connected to. Now, we are the creature, consumed by the desire to grab others and force them to submit to our musk. Changing them to our whims.

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