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Gaining Freedom by Trevor-Fox

Gaining Freedom


Commission for Corbyn on FA!

Corbyn, 0plm, and me are all slowly changing genders and turning into the three main characters from Freedom Planet! Corbyn is changing into Milla Basset, on his knees and feeling his face change, while 0plm is admiring his new tail as he shifts into Carol Tea. I, on the other hand, look a bit freaked out as I shift into the dragon girl Sash Lilac.

Btw, anyone who hasn't seen or checked this game out should give it a look-see. It's quite a fun game!


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    Your drawn reaction, as Sash Lilac;

    It looks like what could be Stewie's reaction, to "Going to the Store"! XD

    "WHAT in the world?!? What kind of WEIRDO, has made this disturbing rubbish?!?"