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The Last Shedding by Trendane

The Last Shedding


Several years ago, I used to play Neverwinter Nights online, on one of the many, small, privately-run servers. The character that I played was a druid/ranger wolf from an isolated valley far to the north (I seem to have a thing for isolated valleys in my stories...hmmm...). Anyway, I decided to write up a character background and this is what came up. I happened to stumble upon it recently and thought I'd share it.

Far to the North, in a vast and isolated valley, lives a community of Rangers and Druids. For countless ages they have sought true understanding with Nature, as seen through the eyes of the creatures of the world. As such, one of their rites of passage is the attainment of the ability to take on a wild shape.

For several dozen generations, they spent most of their lives in their animal forms...for, only spending a few hours or days in the shape of a bear, fox, or deer would never be enough to let one truly understand the life of that creature.

After a time, their extended forays into the form and mindset of the animals caused their own bodies to merge with their animal shapes. No longer are they elves, humans, dwarves, gnomes and the like. They are anthropomorphic badgers, tigers, rabbits....and all other manner of creatures.

Trendane, like most of the rest of his family, is a wolf. He uses his strong senses of sight, hearing, and smell....along with his bow and defend the wilds and those who travel through it.

Typically, he regards fighting as a last resort, preferring instead to talk things through. But, if there is no other option, he will fight with all of his strength, will, and blood to protect those whom he loves.

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