(2007) Jimmy Squeaky Bunny Badge by Tremaine

(2007) Jimmy Squeaky Bunny Badge


13 August 2018 at 16:01:56 MDT

Drawn in 2007. This is a badge I drew for Jimmy at FWA. Little Jimmy plays with a squeaky! I tried to make the lettering look like balloons.

I don't mind drawing underage characters as long as it's completely clean and cute. Absolutely NO NSFW stuff. I also just learned that a baby bunny is called a kit or kitten.

The glow effects around the letters were unintentional. I understand that the badge was scanned some time after the convention. Red, orange, yellow and green Prismacolor markers bleed and separate terribly. Copics are more expensive but they're refillable and far more stable, and unfortunately far, far more expensive.

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