(2006) Hedgefox Productions Spokesvixen Heather by Tremaine

(2006) Hedgefox Productions Spokesvixen Heather


7 August 2018 at 16:16:47 MDT

Drawn in 2006. I revisited drawing Heather, my spokesvixen for Hedgefox Productions. For many years, this was the drawing I used on my table sign at conventions!

I still think she turned out really cute.

(I am not sure if or when I'd be selling at any furry conventions again. I've always liked anthropomorphic animals, even though my attention has shifted, I'm just not sure it's worth the trouble and expense to go to conventions these days. I never really made close friends with anyone because I genuinely didn't know how friendship even worked—seriously, thank you MLP—and I exceedingly rarely broke even, let alone made a profit. Aside from early conventions, many, many furry conventions tended to be an exercise in frustration.)

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