Jungle Temple WIP by TransformerRobot (critique requested)

Jungle Temple WIP

Jungle Temple WIP (critique requested)


15 January 2016 at 07:12:22 MST

A work in progress. Experimenting with percussion instruments.

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    Wow nice picture is that real?!

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      I think so. It might be a rundown old temple from South America or Southeast Asia.

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    Jungle temple
    i have a place that is like that to!
    On my starfox revolutions game
    called "dakii halduro wohikada teimporo" (English translation=the temple in the wind) the language is cerinian the language used by krystal of stsrfox.

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      Ah, didn't know you made a game. :)

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        I am still making it and it will be done in 2019 (only for computer)

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          Ah. :) Oh, and take my advice. If Nintendo DMCAs it, just change the characters and settings. ;)

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            Good idea!
            i already have my own settings in mind for my game i just wish i could know about coding
            wait a minute by settings do you mean the environments?
            Of course there are different settings if its like that but if its function settings then I'm confused ...
            i mean the features in my game are epic like seeing the great fox in the sky (about say 90,000 miles in sky) in one way that is in space! Or control the vehicle
            (Intro mission) my game has intractable cut scenes
            my idea for the controls (xbox360 controller)
            Left joy stick-movement/transform vehicle
            right joy stick-look around/fpv
            A button-jog/run/dodge
            B button-punch
            X button-jump
            Y button-enter/exit vehicle
            LB-spin left
            RB-spin right
            LT-aim/hold down for auto targeting
            RT-fire laser/gun/element weapon
            character switch system
            D-pad down+A to play as Marcus mccloud
            D-pad left+B to play as wolf o'donnell
            D-pad right+X to play as krystal
            D-pad up+Y to play as fox mccloud
            D-pad left+B+RT to play as naroka o'donnell
            The css can help when facing starwolf leader is dash

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              Mostly by settings I mean names of the planets, galaxies, space stations, etc.