Hotel Hundseck 3 by Transcentyger

Hotel Hundseck 3


31 May 2019 at 12:00:29 MDT

In the Black Forest you can find some lost hotels; one of them is the Hotel Hundseck (which means Dog's Corner). 3 years ago i was there for the first time, unfortunately in the evening time by cold weather and really bad light conditions, and moreover i was just a little bit exhausted from another exploration. So that exploration brought no really good photos, and i weren't expecting to see that object again, because it was just partially demolished. But amazingly they stopped the demolition and you can find the ruin of that old hotel still almost in the same condition as 3 years ago. Even a chair and a big stone placed as entry help are still at the same place. (The chair is much more rotten now, but still useable.)

This is the view to the upper storeys. Probably they would have been interesting, but if you are just a little mad, but don't want to commit suizide, you should stay in the ground level. Only something like the Holy Spirit is holding that staircase in levitation.

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