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skye / 26 / female / australia

one piece destroys me
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skye / female / australia
hey guys! besides skye, you can call me meg or mei- i don't really mind!
i'm currently on a hiatus
i love to talk to others, so feel free to drop a shout!
i also go by toumeis on deviantart, which has a lot more of my past art.


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Latest Journal

bump + thanks!

i wanted to move that about me journal down, so i thought i'd take this chance thank everyone for the warm welcome here! it's always the first day that i'm nervous about on new art websites,,
i have a feeling i'll be able to be far more social on here, because i feel like i have much more freedom here than on da and i feel like i can actually post what i want rather than what i think might be good enough-
it's a super great feeling wow

also it's super fun to write journals on here it's so much easier and neater wow

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    casually hides all my shouts for some strange reason,, why do i do this everywhere i am