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"Angelus Domini" by Tossu-sama

"Angelus Domini"


(c) Tossu-sama 2014
All rights reserved.

Or "Angel of God".

I've been meaning to draw this guy since January this year so I think it was about time I got it done.


His name is Ramiel (or Râmîêl if you want to get fancy) and yes, he's an angel. Quite high-ranking one, too.
The quotation marks in the title are there on purpose because Ramiel doesn't exactly serve God. Then again, the concept around him is quite a lot different from what the Bible says etc. Basically the idea revolves around a group of angels known as the Watchers who taught mankind different sciences which they weren't suppose to learn until later on (aaaand they also created the Nephilim by copulating with human women, oops).

Long story short, Ramiel is one of the Watchers who are working against God, trying to stop the Apocalypse from happening because it's so not what the Bible describes.

Btw, he does have wings but he can choose not to show them. Also, there are two stages in which they can manifest: one is just merely visual manifestation where they can be seen and don't tear through clothes and can't be used for flying, and another which is the actual physical manifestation which tears through clothing and can actually be used.

I need to do more art of him and write a proper intro to the concept around him. @_@

Btw, his name means "thunder of God".
How cool is that.

His arm tattoos say "DEI GRATIA" (by the grace of God) and "DEI IUDICIUM" (by the judgement of God).

0.05 & 0.1 Staedtler pigment liners
GIMP 2.8

Art & character (c) Tossu-sama

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