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Telegram Sticker Price Sheet: by Topknot

Telegram Sticker Price Sheet:


~~ Telegram sticker commissions are now available! Have a sticker in mind that you want to see your character be the star of? I can make it happen starting at $5.00USD and $1.00USD for variant stickers. Send me an Email @ or message me on Telegram Bush_And_Grundle_Topknot or viva_la_topknot if you're interested! ~~

Since I have so many different sticker options and all of my prices have been streamlined now, I figured it might be a good idea to put together a sheet where folks can look at all the prices and options at once!

Textures used are all from

World: NA.
Characters: © Their owners.
Media: Manga Studio.
Art © me, and characters © their owners.