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D&D Item - Qol'Viel's Whistle: by Topknot

D&D Item - Qol'Viel's Whistle:


"Qol'Viel's Whistle:

Trinket, Mundane.

This brass signal whistle hangs on a purple silk ribbon and lets out a shrill cry of up to 120 decibels when used.

In open terrain it can be heard automatically up to 1,000 feet or up to half a mile with a successful Perception [Wisdom] Check.

In cities, forests, and similar object dense terrains it can be heard automatically up to five hundred feet, or up to 1,000 feet on a successful Perception [Wisdom] Check.

"It's not that kind of dinosaur whistle; it won't call them. It's for if you see a dinosaur and you get scared. Use it, and if I can hear it, I'll come and help."


Recently in our D&D game my character, Earthspeaker gave another character, Jorvash, a "Dinosaur Whistle". They had a touching moment talking about Jorvash's husband, Qol'Viel, and Earthspeaker decided that she should carve his name into the whistle, as a manorial.

When Vox, who's also our DM, and I tried to find a signal whistle for D&D 5e, we couldn't find anything we could use, and I wanted it to be a real item that Jorvash's player could use, so I made one! Feel free to use it in your campaign, and tell me how you like it.

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Characters: NA.
Media: Manga Studio.
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