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Dorker Realms Twitter Banner: by Topknot

Dorker Realms Twitter Banner:


This is a Twitter banner I drew for one of the Podcasts I'm on, Dorker Realms! The third person from the left in Ryan, and he's the one who's Podcast it is and who commissioned the banner from me. Humans aren't something I draw often, but it is something I've been working on, so it was fun to share this piece to share how my style of drawing Humans is developing. Left to right are the foks on the Podcast, Vox, Rombin [myself], Danny [our DM], Ryan, and Paul. I'm open for both Twitter Pinned Images and Twitter Banner commissions, check out my journal to learn more!

Visit Dorker Realms at: and anywhere you get your Podcasts.

Textures used are all from

World: NA.
Characters: NA.
Media: Manga Studio.
Art, characters, designs, and ideas © me.