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Trust In Me - Speedpaint Link In Disc: by Topknot

Trust In Me - Speedpaint Link In Disc:


The thought of being hypnotized by something I trust has always been soothing to me. So here we have ITB [the character with the red fur] hypnotizing nameless [brown fur] to sooth them. I initially drew this sketch a long time ago and when I was coloring it decide on a whim to throw some cell shading on it. It was my fist serious attempt at doing so and I rather like how it turned out!

I think I've found a much better quality of video to upload that even gets posted faster [though I still need to fix my minor cropping issues] and you can see that here:

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

World: NA.
Characters: ITB and nameless.
Media: Easy paint tool SAI.
Art, characters, and ideas (c) me.