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Kitti Reff - Part 1: by Topknot

Kitti Reff - Part 1:


I'm working on my charters making more sense, anatomically speaking. Until I can draw more accurate references... or, references at all, for my characters, I'm gonna be tossing up ideas into this folder as they come up.

I'm doing a trade with a friend and with all my other characters I could just throw any old drawing at them and be like, "INTERPRET THIS SHIT AS YOU WILL, BE FREE AND CREATE SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE US BOTH HAPPY." But with Kitti I have a few little niggly things I want just so. So here, working towards a more reliable character model Kitti, part 1, her head.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

World: Knights of Nodd.
Characters: Kitti A. Ryubyn.
Media: Easy paint tool SAI.
Art, characters, and ideas (c) me.