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Vera Mom: by Topknot

Vera Mom:


A while ago Vera was streaming and, among the other subjects going on in the chat we got to talking about food. I mentioned I may have to go to leave the house to forage for food but after realizing and mentioning I didn't have the money for a cab VERA OFFERED TO TREAT ME TO REAL LIFE FOOD. Besides being incredibly kind she's a creative powerhouse y'all should really check out. As a thank you for the kind thought because the stream went down while I was cooking some previously undiscovered eggs I fired I'd doodle something for her. Three-ish hours later we have this. I played with Vera's height of over 7 feet and my unnamed fursona's height of not quite 5. If I finish this I promise the cupcakes will actually look like cupcakes!

World: NA.
Characters: Vera and nameless.
Media: Sketched in Easy Paint Tool SAI and edited in Microsoft Paint.
Art (c) me and Vera (c) herself.


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    I still love this so much, it makes me tear up and just... aah you're too sweet to draw me something just for wanting to help you out, I hate seeing friends hungry ;; bakes you all the cupcakes forever, since they are all you really need in your diet of course xD