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Fly With Me by Topknot

Fly With Me


Kitti and the Queen: Updated Sketch. It's almost like using references makes you a better artist!

The Queen is a species called a Starfallen, they're shapeshifters but can only change form when they have a subconscious need to do so. Here the Queen has an extra pair of arms because, in this scenerso, she needed them to help Kitti summon her wings. The extra arms will go away once they're no longer needed, weather the Queen wants them to or not. They may go away anyway if I decide to finish this image, I don't think I like them anymore.

This image isn't cannon, more of a character study.

They both have halos because the Queen is a Demigod and Kitti is one of the Gods' Chosen, bequeathed a halo so she could use it to basically impress people with and force them to believe she's who she says she is.

World: Knights of Nodd.
Characters: The Queen and Kitti A. Ryubyn.
Media: Sketched in Easy Paint Tool Sai and edited in Microsoft Paint.
Art (c) me.