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Happy Birthday Milokey by Topknot

Happy Birthday Milokey


You ever have one of those moments where you turn on your music and reality goes all fuzzy and you space out [get it? ‘cause of her eyes?]. Well, Forte iis having one of those days and she’s enjoying herself.

So when I left the internet art world behind in 2011 to 2014 due to legal issues I lost track of a lot of artists that really, really inspired me and that I have recently been missing seeing. When I left I a lot of people where leaving LiveJournal I wasn’t able to keep up with who went where.

Well, LiveJournal still tracks and reminds me of when people’s Birthdays come up. I got an Email the other day saing, “Milokey’s Birthday is coming up!” And I went, “Oh shit I haven’t seen Milokey’s art in FOREVER.” I think the last interaction we had was on the last Monster Day when she requested I draw her super awesome and creepy eye wolf creature. So that Email sent me on a search for where she posts art now and I FOUND HER!

Hope your Birthday is awesome and this year to come holds all the things you hope it does!

World: ?????
Character: Forte
Media: Sketched, inked, textures applied, and colored in Easy Paint Tool SAI, edited in Microsoft Paint and the GIMP.
Date: July 2015.
Character and art (c) me.

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