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Neon Series 10: Unnamed by Topknot

Neon Series 10: Unnamed


Well because I spent so much time over the last several months developing Rose as her own character she just doesn't fit as my "Fursona" anymore, I made a new one. I combined two of my favorite species, Dragons and cats [so original, I know!] and decided to go with a Genderfluid character who uses the "they" pronoun. They are, of course, modeled after my own headworld's Dragons, which is where their snout shape, ears, and upper lip beak details come from. I also didn't want to make them actually a part of Knights of Nodd, per say, so some of their Dragon touches are different, like their ribbed underbelly and neck, having fur all over they can choose to shave or not, etc. They might also have some chameleon in them or Magic that allows them to change their skin color [which is normally green].

Since my new "Fursona" has no set sex at all or name yet I'll have to leave those details blank for now. As for how they act? Well, Kitti has become what I thought I wanted to be when I was a kid, and was my first Fursona, Rose was what I still want to be but know I probably can't accomplish in my own life, that leaves this character here, who, body shape, hair, and personality wise, is just like me.

I even tried to make up for the fact that their hair is so short by filling in the background with some simple Knights of Nodd imagery, a green traveler's flag and a cartoony version of the Queen's castle. There's a "It's my world, so get used to it." Joke in there somewhere.

The necklace, eye color, and some of the hair colors are "cannon" to the character. And, of course, I used a rainbow for the background, though the orange scanned almost the exact same color as the red I used. I need some new reds, they're all drying out, haha. For the nose and neck color, which is the skin color in this image, I combined a brownish yellow with a peachy pink, and I really like how it turned out.

If you would like a commission like this, please note me. If you have questions about commissions, please visit My Website.

World: NA/Knights of Nodd/Other.
Character: To Be Named.
Media: Heavy sketchbook paper, pencil sketch, Sharpies and Bic permanent marker.
Date: July 2015.
Character and art (c) me.