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Neon Series 8: Kitt by Topknot

Neon Series 8: Kitt


Look familiar? Well that's because this character, Kitt, is an Alternate Universe version of Kitti had she chosen not to leave the world she was born in that was coming to an end and had hung around until most of her friends and pretty much everyone else was dead. Her story ends with her and her friend Apocalypse sitting together on a rooftop, drinking warm beers, watching the end of the world as it aproaches the stronghold they've been living in. They toast their dead, make some stupid joke about seeing this thing out to the end together, have their beer, and their existence ends along with that of their world. Pretty much the only reason I've kept her around is so that I can draw Post-Apocalyptic stuff from time to time.

Her look, design, and goggles where all inspired by ammunition's work when I first became aware of their work and the various other artists I found through them. Kitti is, after all, purposely build as a "Mary Sue".

Kitt's hair is normal hair bangs/fringe and the rest of it is dreadlocks. Not sure that comes through in this style.

If you would like a commission like this, please note me. If you have questions about commissions, please visit My Website.

World: Darox/Less Than Three.
Character: Kitt "Kat" Ryubyn.
Media: Heavy sketchbook paper, pencil sketch, Sharpies and Bic permanent marker.
Date: July 2015.
Character and art (c) me.