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Neon Series 6: Jack by Topknot

Neon Series 6: Jack


Jack! I had fun with this one, thinking about Jack with pink facial hair is funny and him having his fur be his favorite color was a lot of fun to draw. I know my style and lack of animal study makes characters species hard to pin down at a glance, but for Jack, that's OK. He's not an anthro version of any animal, he's from a family that's so interbred with other "animals" that the only animal traits that still stick out in the Enjiel Clan are their bunny noses, ears, and sometimes their front teeth, like Jack has.

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World: Knights of Nodd.
Character: Jack Enkiel.
Media: Heavy sketchbook paper, pencil sketch, Sharpies and Bic permanent marker.
Date: July 2015.
Character and art (c) me.