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Neon Series 4: Garish by Topknot

Neon Series 4: Garish


Here's Number 4, Garish, living up to her name! I'd like to take another crack at her in this style, because I feel like her hair wrap really limited my ability to make her hair fun, which is the point of this style.

Garish is a species called a Psiloc that belongs to :ammunition:, created and used with permission.

For a very beautiful and much more accurate than I could ever draw painting of the same character, here's a link to a painting ammunition posted on their old account.

As an additional side note, Garish has been retconned a little bit since ammunition posted their painting, she is no longer part anything, just pure bred Psiloc. The reason she has a third horn on her forehead is because in the world of Knights of Nodd all of those who use Magic through their own bodies risk a type of poisoning where, while their level of power grows like a well used muscle does, they also build up Magic in their bodies they cannot control. No one is sure if it kills people or what else it's end goal may be because the use of Magic in modern times is new and not well researched. Those that develop magical poisoning are easily spotted by the horns they sprout. Once a horn appears the Magical user generally stops using Magic for the fear of the unknown, the fear of what ill it might cause. Garish is pushing her limits through various means and so her horn has grown rather large. So far she hasn't suffered ill effects from Magical use, but for various reasons that are too long to go into here, she is considered a special case and her "poisoning" is not used as a frame of reference for others that grow horns.

If you would like a commission like this, please note me. If you have questions about commissions, please visit My Website.

World: Knights of Nodd/:ammunition's headworld [?].
Character: Garish.
Media: Heavy sketchbook paper, pencil sketch, Sharpies and Bic permanent marker.
Date: July 2015.
Character and art (c) me.



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    I should bug you over Facebook about giving you the Psiloc species or sommat. =0

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      Oh man! If you want to give them away I'll for sure take them but you've done all that development and history on them in your own, I wouldn't want you to give that all up.