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Neon Series 3: Vincent by Topknot

Neon Series 3: Vincent


The third in the series, Vincent! I wanted to try a character with less hair. It doesn't work as well, haha. I think I need to draw some canon stuff of Vincent wearing yellow, it's a nice color for him. His outline is metallic copper Sharpie that I dulled by erasing over it with a normal Number 2 pencil. It has a neat, antique look that, of course, doesn't show at all in the scan. I went with all blues for his background because the character was inspired by a song and his design was based around a line about having "Eyes of China Blue".

Maybe he's frowning because his sweater is so ugly, poor Vincent.

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World: Knights of Nodd.
Character: Vincent Von Mont.
Media: Heavy sketchbook paper, pencil sketch, Sharpies and Bic permanent marker.
Date: July 2015.
Character and art (c) me.