Those Two Jackals by Toonvasion

Those Two Jackals


22 November 2017 at 15:45:06 MST

Oh...the cord connect the pipe and hookah isn't showing up...ah well...

Wouhlven Wouhlven's "Dumb Jackal" is that his name? Or just what he is?
And my Anhkmara, but don't call her that, she prefers you call her by her translated abridged name "Ankhmara Neferti Rahotep"

Is a short cartoon, a trade that was with Wouh, but some stuff happened and I just kept working on it. This was done 5 months ago. It was going to just be a private thing. But it's been burning a hole in my secret stash. Cause it's easily one of the longest project i've work under the name Toonvasion.
So Anhkmara is suppose to be a Toon Roger rabbit style so. I think it's weird where ever people pair her with some one else. Other than a normal human or another cartoon. But this pairing works.